Basement Waterproofing Product: Watchdog Waterproofing

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Watchdog Waterproofing – A Basement Waterproofing Product Giving Your Basement Fierce Protection Against Water!!!


JDM Construction Corporation is one of Saskatchewan’s leading Basement Waterproofing companies. With a wide array of projects completed from small residential jobs to large commercial jobs JDM Corporation is one of the most versatile water damage restoration companies Saskatchewan has to offer. One of JDM Corporation’s specialities within the field of water damage restoration is Basement Waterproofing. JDM utilizes three superior waterproofing products to help keep your foundation walls dry from potential moisture problems. Today we want to highlight one of the three products and give our consumers a better idea as to why JDM Corporation is the clear choice for all your Basement Waterproofing needs.



Basement Waterproofing
A JDM staff member applying Watchdog Waterproofing


Perhaps you have heard of basement waterproofing and/or basement damproofing before but aren’t necessarily aware of the importance they offer when it comes to protecting your house or commercial property from potential water issues.


First, we need to differentiate between the two and understand both products:


Basement waterproofing is a technique used to stop hydrostatic pressures and bulk water from creeping into your Basement. Waterproofing will protect your home from snow melt, Rain and high-water table whereas damproofing stops only water vapor from seeping through your basement walls.


Basement Waterproofing
Watchdog Waterproofing applied to the tunnels below 3rd avenue


You may be interested to hear which of these waterproofing techniques is mandatory for new builds:


When it comes to new builds, the national building code in Canada only offers the bare minimum requirement when it comes to protecting your foundation. The national building code stipulates that only damproofing sealant is required on new builds, which leaves your foundation up to 60% less protected when you are only working with a damproofing product. This means that just because you see some black sealant sprayed against a foundation doesn’t mean it is fully protected!


Why choose JDM Construction and Watchdog Waterproofing?


Considering the high-water table, rain and snow that Saskatchewanians are subject to year round it is worth-while looking into investing in a top-of-the-line waterproofing product that keeps you fully protected not only from vapor, but from hydrostatic pressure and bulk water as well. There is nothing worse than a flooded basement in your home!! Protect your investment install the Best Water Proofing product! Watchdog Waterproofing!!!


Basement Waterproofing
JDM staff applying Watchdog Waterproofing


Check out Watchdog Waterproofing


Watchdog features a flexible, polymer-enhanced asphalt membrane that is Exterior spray-applied to your basement foundation walls. This spray application seamlessly spans foundation settling cracks and seals out water penetration (whereas damproofing products can let harmful moisture through). Watchdog Waterproofing can be used on your new or existing home, The Watchdog has stopped many chronic Basement water problems enabling many of JDM customers to be able to use there basements again and renovate the space as they desire.


Basement Waterproofing
Freshly applied Watchdog Waterproofing


So when you are considering how you want to go about protecting your Basement it is important to think about a comprehensive long-term solution to avoid costly interior and exterior renovations. This is especially true when dealing with repairing the exterior of a problematic foundation. Having to repair the exterior involves the excavation around your property’s foundation walls, which costs more and temporarily effects the aesthetics of your property. When faced with deciding on a Waterproofing solution for your foundation walls, whether it’s a new build or a property that has been around for years, choose the best and most proven solution on the market. Watchdog Waterproofing performs so well as a genuine waterproofing product that it’s approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre. On top of this, Watchdog is backed in Canada by a 10-year performance warranty on New Home Construction. Compare the Watchdog Performance Warranty to the other products on the market.


Watchdog Waterproofing offers other great advantage. Watchdog Performance Warranty can be transferred to another owner, which means when you get your commercial or residential property sprayed with Watchdog Waterproofing it can help to increase your property’s resale value if you decide to sell in the next decade. See the Watchdog Homeowner Brochure.


Basement Waterproofing
Residential project with Watchdog Waterproofing applied

JDM Construction Corporation is proud to be a Tremco Waterproofing specialists and supplier in Saskatchewan. Don’t be fooled! There are many imitators but there is only one JDM Construction and Watchdog Waterproofing.


It should be noted that Watchdog Waterproofing is meant specifically for below grade waterproofing. To cover the small area of parging just above the ground JDM Construction Corporation Pairs Watchdog Waterproofing with Horizon Waterproofing Systems. The combination of the two will ensure that your property, both below ground and above ground, are dry and safe from harmful water problems.


In addition to Watchdog Waterproofing & Horizon Systems, JDM Construction Corporation offers the Tuff-N-Dri system for the most comprehensive Basement protection. Tuff-N-Dri comes with a 30 Year Transferable Performance Warranty. To learn more about Tuff-N-Dri and the value it adds to your house, click on the Tuff-N-Dri Homeowner Brochure. Stay Tuned for future blogs and posts on JDM Construction Waterproofing products and Services!


Basement Waterproofing
JDM’s Watchdog Waterproofing truck on site.


To view more in-depth information about other JDM Construction related topics and services please visit our main blog page here. Find more company information on our  Website Here, or Interact with JDM on Facebook here. Look Forward to hearing from you!!!


Get a free estimate by calling JDM Corporation’s office at (306) 653-5663, email or make an appointment online through our web site JDM online booking calendar.


Company Overview:


JDM Construction Corp. Specializes in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation and Wet Basement Solutions
JDM Construction Corp is in Saskatoon, SK and has been providing services throughout Saskatchewan since incorporation in 2011 completing over 400 projects throughout the years.


Basement Waterproofing
Two JDM staff members applying Watchdog Waterproofing


Our Mission, Our Pledge:


At JDM Construction, we’re committed to maintain the highest quality of workmanship ensuring all projects are completed safely, efficiently, on-time and within budget. We believe in professionally managing all projects from big or small from start to finish. Our team of professionals will ensure all projects are completed to a high standard, following applicable National Building Codes, Industry Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.
Our mission is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by all members of our team.


Our Past:


Since the incorporation of JDM Construction in 2011, JDM has completed over 400 projects which consisted of:

  •  Commercial & Residential
  •   Basement Waterproofing
  •  Mold Remediation and Restoration
  •  Emergency Flood Response
  •   Exterior Water management and Landscaping
  •   Structural Repair
  •   Water Damage Solutions and Repairs


Basement Waterproofing
A JDM staff member spraying Watchdog Waterproofing


Our Future, Our Thank You:


From the 400 projects completed in the past 6 years, almost half are from repeat customers!
This shows us we are “measuring up” to our mission and pledge to you and are earning our customers confidence and trust in our company.
For this we would like to give you a big THANK YOU!!
We are excited to grow and continue to provide excellent customer service to the people of Saskatchewan.


To see more about our company visit our website:


There you will find information about our company, services we provide, how to contact us, pictures and blogs on recent projects. You can also interact with us through social media on our Facebook page!!!

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