Innovative Product of the Year: Horizon Waterproofing

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The Horizon Foundation system is a Waterproofing parging material. The Horizon system is innovative and considered an advancement to the construction industry here in the province of Saskatchewan. The Horizon waterproofing installation is an advancement to the construction industry because of its durability and Waterproofing capabilities even in the harshest climates. Horizon will perform better than currently used products here in Saskatchewan. The Horizon Coating system provides the builder with an alternative parging option. The Horizon Product can be installed in combination with the Horizon insulating system or on its own directly installed onto the exposed concrete foundation. The Horizon Coating system will continue your waterproofing system from grade line (below grade) to the sill plate (above grade) and will outlast your typical cement based parging materials


To see Horizon Waterproofing in action check out the video we put together below:


Full Concrete Protection! Below Grade & Above Grade!


Saskatchewan Horizon Basement Water Systems
Saskatchewan Horizon Basement Water Systems




The Horizon 2 coating system is a sprayed applied foundation finishing system. The Horizon Matte coat is installed using an airless sprayer, then a highly durable coarse coat is air sprayed to add texture to improve the appearance of the Foundation wall. The complete system can be installed efficiently considering it consists of minimal prep work and the spray application speeds up the process compared to your conventional trowel applied parging. To achieve the best product for the best price it’s important to have the Horizon installed at certain stages in the construction process.  Although the Horizon Coating system can be installed at all stages of the building process and can also be installed on older homes.   It’s best to install the Horizon Waterproofing system in combination with our Below grade Watchdog Waterproofing system (10 Year Warranty) or our Tuff-N-Dri Waterproofing system (30 Year Warranty).  The cost to install the Horizon Coating system is comparable to the currently used stucco parging costs. When installing the Horizon Insulating system, which includes the Horizon coating and Thermopan rigid insulation, costs are comparable if the builder installed similar R-value rigid insulation with wire and stucco parging applied. The Thermopan rigid insulation is available with a R5 and R10 thermal value. The installation costs are comparable, and the product is superior. Horizon is also a very safe product to apply. Installers are required to wear your basic on-site PPE. Horizon releases no harsh fumes, VOC or chemicals when applied.


Saskatchewan Horizon Basement Systems
Saskatchewan Horizon Basement Systems


The Horizon product is an advancement to the residential construction industry because the product is Superior compared to the alternative products currently offered to most builders (traditional cement parging). The product is superior because it visually looks better and can offer more color and texture options to the builder.  The Horizon coating system will provide waterproofing protection from the exterior and allow vapor diffusion from the interior of the home. When the Horizon coating system is installed in combination with our Watchdog or Tuff-N-Dri Waterproofing below grade systems a full 10 to 30-year full Foundation wall warranty is available to the builder. Horizon can also be easily repaired and matched compared to traditional parging, and repairs from the construction process are easily managed. The biggest advancement is that finally the Parging will not fall off the wall! The Horizon Coating system will minimize call back warranty claims for parging repair and above grade water leakage warranty claims, saving the Home Builder costs in the long term.


Horixon Basement Waterproofing
Horizon on concrete foundation wall

Protect Your Investment – Protect Your Basement!


Older Homes: Are you sick of your parging falling off your basement walls, are you fed up with Water, rain, snow melt and seepage entering your home around your foundation and your Basement Windows?  JDM and Horizon Waterproofing will solve your ongoing water problems.


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Company Overview:


JDM Construction Corp. Specializes in Basement Waterproofing, Water Damage Restoration, Mold Remediation and Wet Basement Solutions
JDM Construction Corp is in Saskatoon, SK and has been providing services throughout Saskatchewan since incorporation in 2011 completing over 400 projects throughout the years.

Our Mission, Our Pledge:

At JDM Construction, we’re committed to maintain the highest quality of workmanship ensuring all projects are completed safely, efficiently, on-time and within budget. We believe in professionally managing all projects from big or small from start to finish. Our team of professionals will ensure all projects are completed to a high standard, following applicable National Building Codes, Industry Standards and Occupational Health and Safety Legislation.
Our mission is to establish lasting relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust through exceptional performance by all members of our team.

Our Past:

Since the incorporation of JDM Construction in 2011, JDM has completed over 400 projects which consisted of:

  • Commercial & Residential
  • Basement Waterproofing
  • Mold Remediation and Restoration
  • Emergency Flood Response
  • Exterior Water management and Landscaping
  • Structural Repair
  • Water Damage Solutions and Repairs


Our Future, Our Thank You:

From the 400 projects completed in the past 6 years, almost half are from repeat customers!
This shows us we are “measuring up” to our mission and pledge to you and are earning our customers confidence and trust in our company.
For this we would like to give you a big THANK YOU!!
We are excited to grow and continue to provide excellent customer service to the people of Saskatchewan.

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