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One call to JDM is all it takes. JDM Construction can remove the mold safely, identify the water source that is causing the mold growth, repair the water problem(s) and renovate the area.

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Mold Removal and Restoration

Do you have a musty smell upon entering your house? Does the smell worsen when entering your basement? Have you experienced water damage in your house from a broken pipe, roof leak, leaky basement, or heavy summer storm? You could potentially have mold problems if the wet area is not dried properly. Mold growth can occur within 48 hours.

You do not want mold in your home or place of work. Mold is an indoor air pollutant that can affect the air quality of your home.

JDM Construction Corp has extensive training in mold remediation and has successfully completed many commercial and residential mold remediation and restoration projects.

To protect your family, building occupants and workers have mold removed safely by JDM’s qualified remedial technicians.


Mold Inspections and Indoor Air Quality Investigations

JDM Visual Mold Inspection: – Free Estimate

JDM will provide you with a visual inspection to determine if mold growth is present and provide you th options to remove and repair the area.


Moisture Reading and Thermal Imaging: – Contact Us

Moisture Reading and Thermal Imaging can be conducted to help locate hidden moisture and potential mold growth. We use moisture reading and thermal imaging to gather information and locate water problems that are not clearly identifiable in areas such as: behind basement walls, kitchen and bathroom areas, etc.


Indoor Air Quality Investigations: – Contact Us

An IAQ investigation is an inspection of your home to determine if there are indoor air problems, identify the sources and outline solutions.


Mold Testing and Air Sampling: – Contact Us

JDM conducts Air-O-Cell air sampling. Air sampling collects a wide range of airborne fungi including mold spores, pollen, and fibers (e.g. asbestos, fiberglass, cellulose, etc.) The Air-O-Cell collects both viable and non-viable sample specimens, providing a much broader overview of potential allergens and contaminants compared to conventional sampling techniques. After sampling is completed, the cassettes are sent to a laboratory where the slides are removed and direct microscopic analysis can be immediately performed.

JDM takes air samples from inside and outside the home, sends it to the lab for analysis and will provide the customer with a full report from the lab along with an estimate to fix any problem areas detected.

To learn more about Mold, Water Damage and Indoor Air Quality click on the links/PDF files below:




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